Porsche 718 Cayman | $60,000.00 Value


The All-New Ford F - 150 | $29,000.00 Value


2021 Chevrolet Camaro | $25,000.00 Value



MacBook PRO 13 INCH | Value $1,280.00 
Here is a Prize that you can really use in your everyday work. We just thought that we should give this amazing prize to everyone! All affiliates that qualify from the 4th to the 40th position in this launch, will get a MacBook Pro 13 inch.


On your affiliate dashboard you will find your links, marketing material, promo videos, email swipes.
*Material to be released on Sep/24th.


Builderall was first launched globally in 2017 and It was a sales success. We were the first platform ever to put all the tools you need to create a real funnel in one dashboard and the public loved it! But since we were the first ones who paved this road, we have found a lot of things that we should be doing better to compete with all other tools at the same time and deliver a solid platform so our customers can trust and rely on their businesses.

Aside from some new features and the amazing World's first Drag and Drop Real Funnel Builder, what we are bringing to the marketplace with Builderall 4.0 is a solid, robust, complete, modern, bug-free platform with cutting edge technology, so entrepreneurs around the world can be confident in building their businesses in our structure.


In addition to all the tools we already have available in Builderall, we are bringing a lot of upgrades, plans, and new tools:
Builderall 4.0 Plans:
Builderall Super-Free Plan
Access all the tools with some limitations. Now ALL users get to experience everything in Builderall for FREE with the option to upgrade to the paid plan when they feel ready to take full advantage of the platform.
Builderall Premium Plan
Now our top-seller Builderall Premium Plan has a new price ($99.00), but during the launch, it will be sold for a limited time with a 30% discount bringing the price to $69.90 = User Can Access all the tools with no limitations*
Builderall Secret Plan
It will be announced on the launch date
Builderall Funnel Club ($199.00 one-time payment + $69.90 monthly)
Access all the Builderall Tools, more than 400 Funnel templates, and chatbot funnels
Builderall Website Agency
With a premium account, you will be able to run your own website agency, creating sub-accounts for your clients, and charging them directly with your preferred gateway. (100% into your pocket)
Builderall / Simplix Partnership for strategic training
for only $25 extra a month, you can access All the DIGITAL MARKETER TRAINING and get your Full Stack Marketer certification, while having access to the Builderall Digital Marketer complement training, so you learn how to apply the strategies you learn with the Ryan Deiss team on Builderall.
Launch Superstar!
The revolutionary Cheetah Funnel Builder - The world's first drag and drop real funnel builder. This is the first tool in the world that you can actually build your funnel in a blueprint, have a complete preview, create the pages, email sequence, automation, simulation, a/b split test, and so much more! For the end result, the system will actually create the funnel for you! This is not just a blueprint, it is a real funnel builder!
Cheetah Builder is Completed
Yes, after one year and more than 500k websites built, we have finally completed the Cheetah Builder. If you take a few minutes to learn how to work with Cheetah, you will definitely fall in love with it… the builder is now complete, user-friendly, beautiful, and full of high-end features. Cheetah is now bug-free and it is done, but obviously, we will keep developing new awesome technology inside Cheetah everyday
Builderall Funnel Club
More than 300 funnel templates for you to edit and build money-making funnels to promote and sales Lead capture funnels to build your email list in different niches. And there's more! Agency funnels for you to sell your services as an agency and local business Chatbot messenger funnels to offer your clients
Builderall Booking Calendar app
The official launch of the Booking calendar app integrated with google calendar and zoom…
Builderall Design tool
A tool for you to download hundreds of designs and images for your website… all copyright free since we have created all the images!
Super checkout with e-commerce
Aside from a complete e-commerce solution on our super checkout app, we are also going to officially launch the auction and reverse auction systems, the new layout, and the Cheetah integration
New animated mockups for the Design Studio
Create amazing new animated mockups for your website with this new tool.
Webinar upgrades
Now you can start a live or recorded webinar with ghost audience, waiting room, tagging, automation, call to action, new layout, new share screen layouts, and much more
Builder website agency system
Create sub-accounts for your clients and run your website agency
Builderall Marketplace
Buy and sell products with the massive Builderall affiliate network
Share locker upgrades
The all-new share locker is now much more powerful! Create the viral effect on your website with videos and pictures
Chat builder and private chat builder
Start a group or private conversation with your visitors on your website or membership area, and yes... it can be used as a help desk system
New onboarding process so that our new users can accomplish simple tasks faster


Builderall is the most complete and best digital marketing platform in the industry today. We have one traditional competitor, which would actually be borderline offensive to compare our tools and our technology with their old, outdated, and limited system. Some of the other new competitors we saw coming to the marketplace since 2019 are trying to do the same thing as we are, but are pretty much nothing more than a promise, still in beta, and with a lot of limitations, bugs, and problems. At the end of the day, the fact is that all competitors are copying and coming after Builderall trying to do what we have already accomplished. While they are still fixing bugs, making promises, and trying to move on from beta, we are reaching new levels of quality, infrastructure, and features! Builderall is a reality and a veteran of the industry TODAY.


$199.00 one-time +
$69.90 Monthly


Direct sales: Affiliates earn 100% commission on their clients' first payment and 30% commissions on recurring payments.

2nd tier sales: affiliates earn 30% commissions on clients' recurring payments on a 2-tier level (under affiliates brought by you).


Builderall does not have just an affiliate program, we have a business program. Our affiliates promote Builderall as a perpetual offer and make Builderall their own business just like an owner. They bring their own affiliates, clients, and since we have a great customer retention rate and the 2nd tier leverage, they are step by step building a business and growing their solid and recurring monthly income!


Every Builderall Funnel Club user gets affiliation automatically approved. If you are not a Builderall user, you can still become an affiliate, but an application is required.

If you were a Builderall premium member, you already have access to the affiliate material on your dashboard. We strongly recommend all affiliates to join the official affiliate Facebook group to keep up with all the launch information and training.
If you are not a Builderall premium member but would like to join the launch, please submit your application below:

Affiliate Terms and Rules

Points only count for new paid members that join between October 1 - 31, 2020.
Contest CONTINUES through November and December based on recurring new members from October 2020.

First Month:
Free Plan: 0 points
Premium Plan: 1 point
Funnel Club: 1 point
$1 Funnel: 1 point
Secret Plan: 1 point

Second Month (November - recurring new members from October):
Free Plan: 0 points
Premium Plan: 3 points
Funnel Club: 3 points
$1 Funnel: 3 points
Secret Plan: 3 points

Third Month (December - recurring new members from October):
Free Plan: 0 points
Premium Plan: 6 points
Funnel Club: 6 points
$1 Funnel: 6 points
Secret Plan: 6 points
*Prizes will be awarded to the rightful winners no later than January 20th, 2021.

The main prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places must reach a minimum of 500 unique sales to qualify for the full prize value. In the event that 500 unique sales is not achieved, the prize will be awarded in the amount of  50% of the full prize value. 

Affiliates participating in the Builderall 4.0 Contest will be subject to have at least 500 recurring active members that were acquired during the month of October and remain active paying users by the deadline date - December 31st, 2020 to be eligible for the main prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd places).

(1a.) PLEASE NOTE: ALL USERS of the Builderall System and Platform, including all of its tools and websites, must read and accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY in its entirety. If you disagree with any part or item of these conditional terms, stop the use of this site immediately.
Reminder: Commission acquired for your first sale will be on hold for 35 days. Again, this only applies to the first sale. Your recurring commission will be available to be withdrawn at any time as soon as their lead makes the purchase of commissionable subscriptions. All available commission is paid out to our affiliates on every Thursday of every week if the requirements are met to withdraw.
Affiliate Structure
(16a.) The commission structure is a 2 tier structure. 
The affiliate generates 100% commission on the first direct sale (first month) and 30% on the recurring months that the lead remains with their subscription active.
On top of that, the affiliate generates 30% commission on the recurring sales of their affiliate’s sales. The first month is given to the second tier affiliate as it applies to the main affiliate in the structure.
(16b.) Commissions fees:
Affiliates on ANY paid subscriptions/plans will have a 10% payment method processing fee when generating any commission.
Affiliates on the free plan/trial will have a 10% payment method processing alongside another 10% Builderall administrative processing fee when generating any commission.
(17a.) The Builderall affiliate program is a free program in which affiliates can promote the use of the Platform to enroll other affiliates and users of the Platform to be directly listed under them while receiving a commission based on their plan/purchases. The commission amount can vary based on the product or plan purchased. Affiliates can earn recurring commissions from two tiers. This includes the direct sales affiliate makes and the recurring commission of the sales of their affiliates.
(18a.) 1. Updated Content: Provide truthful and verifiable content when promoting the Platform. This includes promoting up-to-date changes to our terms and tools. Features and tools can either be removed or altered without notice, so it is the affiliate’s responsibility to update their potential sign-ups.
2. Disclaimer: It is the affiliate’s mandatory responsibility that alongside any promotional advertisements, videos, pages, websites, landing pages, and funnels; the affiliate has the duty to advise this disclaimer CLEARLY to potential users of this affiliate program.
3. Promising Gains: Affiliates must not promote the Builderall affiliate opportunity in a manner that indicates or promises a luxurious lifestyle as a result of being a part of this program. For instance, content with expensive cars, locations, housing, or excessive amounts of money which may be used to persuade the user into signing up are prohibited unless you put a disclaimer stating that these gains were completely unique to you and are not promised or guaranteed to users of the Platform.
This also refers to promotional videos/pages/ads/campaigns that indicate that there is little or no effort in making money with the platform. It is prohibited to use misleading phrases such as “Make $2,000 with Builderall easy!”. This phrase should be reworded to: “How I made $2,000 with Builderall.” or something similar. Failure to do so will result in a warning to fix the misleading content within a period of 7 days, followed by blocking of the account if it isn’t changed.
4. Distorting Earnings:  Affiliates must not use promotional content showing the earnings of other affiliates or their own. Affiliates can provide an estimate of their earnings but not the exact amount they earn, nor exactly how much they earn residually.
5. Poaching Leads: An affiliate must not approach another user who is already under another affiliate and try to convince them to join under them by using another account.  It is strictly forbidden. 
6.  Bonuses: Under no circumstance is an affiliate allowed to offer any form of bonus, offer, or promotion (during their lead’s first month of using the Platform) that incentivizes/advises the user to use Builderall for X amount of time. This is a violation of our terms of use and the affiliate found responsible will be subject to having their account blocked with no refund and no right to appeal.
7. It is prohibited to use any trademark or brand name in your business which is identical to or similar to any of our trademark, brand name or domain name, or derivative thereof, in a manner which is likely to cause deception or confusion, whether during or after the Term, in any video or site created that is promoting the platform and the tools/features it presents.
8. Domains containing our registered trademark name; ‘Builderall’ will not be allowed on our platform under certain circumstances;
9.  Users who wish to maintain their grandfathered opportunity can only request it 7 days of inactivity of the grandfathered plan or 30 days of inactivity from their grandfathered plan if their sponsor allows it
10. Withdrawal Logistics: Commission acquired from an affiliate’s first sale will be on hold for 35 days. An affiliate’s recurring commission will be available for withdrawal at any time. All available commission is paid out to our affiliates on every Thursday of every week if the requirements are met to withdraw. The only gateway provided for commission withdrawal is through iPayout (eWallet).
​​Further explanation of holds:
(19a.) Until an affiliate has been paid at least $250.00 from Builderall, all of their commission payments will be on hold for 35 days.
After an affiliate has been paid at least $250.00 from Builderall, all future commission payments will only be on hold for 5 days.
The hold on the commission payments needs to be released before a withdrawal request can be made. Euros and Dollars can be stacked together to reach the $250.00 threshold. 
To further withdraw any commission, the USER would have to accumulate a minimum of $100.00 in their 'available' tab to withdraw on every occasion.
(26a.) Builderall is committed to providing the best sense of community and relationships among its affiliates. The following is our Code of Ethics:
1 - Anyone can register with Builderall for a trial period using only one valid email, but when deciding to activate your account as an affiliate, you must fill out your W8 or W9 form. Your account is linked to your SSN, and you will not be allowed more than one valid account with the same SSN, to avoid duplication of commissions and fraudulent migrations.
2 - In order to avoid fraudulent migrations, any cancelled or deleted account in the Builderall system will have the SSN blocked for 6 months before being able to register with a new account.
3 - If a user has deleted or cancelled their account, they may register again after the 6-month period, even with a link from another affiliate, but they will not be able to retrieve any files or websites that were in their previous account.
4 - Cookies are activated by the last click and last for 60 days.
1 - The affiliate must not use negative content to promote products or services sold by The Company. This includes, but is not limited to the use of comments, advertisement
products or services by the company as a "scam", "fraud", "false", "fake", "sucks", or any other synonyms or phrases that convey the same meaning. The Company is aware that marketing with these types of tactics can generate leads for an affiliate, but it can also compromise the Company’s brand.
2 - Network migration is not allowed, so always confirm when sending your link that the lead is on a computer free of cookies and disconnected from the platform when registering. It is recommended that the activation be performed only after you have verified that the lead is in your network.
3 - Affiliates are not allowed to solicit leads from other networks or even send invitations to other affiliates by placing their links in another affiliate’s posts, or making live comments during webinars, videos, or any other form of promotion from another affiliate. Improper use of any material or videos of others without proper authorization or any other practice established as "Lack of Ethics" known in the Digital Market is also prohibited.
4 - Disclosure of results and earnings that can not be duly substantiated, in order to capture leads, is prohibited.
5 - For the purpose of obtaining leads, any promises of bonuses, training, and support that can not be fulfilled is not permitted. If this practice is sufficiently proven (by copies of messages, audios, emails, etc.), then it will be the only allowable reason for changing a lead to another network.
6 - SPAM IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. We characterize SPAM as intrusive, repetitive, and promotional messages sent without the consent or request of the recipient by any means of communication. It is also considered Spam to place your ads or product links in the posts, videos, or ads of others. 
7 - An affiliate that creates a site to promote on behalf of Builderall can not use the information of the company in the footer and should make it clear that the site belongs to an affiliate of Builderall and not the company itself. Any gimmicks that cause the user to participate in this violation may end up with their license to sell taken away. Contact information must be from the affiliate and not from Builderall.
8 - The affiliate must periodically check Builderall's General Terms of Use so that they do not receive negativity or accusations, which may lead to Banishment.